Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Avios Reward Scheme – Where Can I Go?

If you’ve heard of the Avios Reward Scheme (you may have seen the adverts for the Avios Big Reward competition recently) you’ll likely be tempted by the prospect of being able to collect points during your day to day life, to redeem later for exciting, well-deserved treats.

The reward scheme is exceedingly appealing, which is why so many people are already signed up to it, and you could be next.

While car hire and experience days are two of the things that you can redeem Avios points on, there are also plenty of superb places that you can see and appreciate by cashing in your points. A number of package holiday tour operators work in cahoots with Avios, giving you the chance to enjoy a splendid holiday, either at home or abroad, from reputable agents that include Butlins, Inghams, Neilson, Thomas Cook, Kuoni, Cosmos and Thomson.

One thing that you need to bear in mind – especially when you’re looking to cash your Avios points in, in exchange for a return flight – is the various zones that are enforced.

These zones existed within the Airmiles scheme, but since the overhaul and the rebranding, the zones have changed slightly so, even if you think you know all that there is to know about the various zones, it may still be worth reading up on them so that you know what the limits are nowadays.

There are nine zones in all, with cities within them that require varying amounts of Avios points depending on the distance from the UK that you’re hoping to go.
Zones 1 to 3 are full of European destinations, and have a fixed fee associated with them.

You can pay for your flight with your points, and then pay for the fees with cash. Zone 1, which requires 9000 points if you’re a Euro Traveller or 18000 points if you’re hoping to travel in Club Europe class, includes cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Milan and Prague. Next up, you’ll find Zone 2, which includes Barcelona, Helsinki, Stockholm and Rome. Zone 3 holds the slightly further European destinations, such as Izmir, Athens, Istanbul and Paphos.

The remaining zones – 4 to 9 – contain countries and cities outside of Europe and are subject to variable fees. Destinations include Cairo, Dubai, New York, LA, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, and vary in Avios points requirements, depending on what zone your city of choice is in. The points required vary from 25,000 for a zone 4 return flight (world traveller class) to 300,000 for a first class return flight to Sydney, that’s on its own in zone 9.
As you can see, Avios points can mean that you could go pretty much anywhere in the world. On top of this, they are also redeemable against Disneyland Paris trips, including accommodation and entrance tickets, as well as ferry trips and journeys on the Eurostar – perfect if you fancy an affordable break on mainland Europe, without using thousands upon thousands of your points.

Make sure that you read the Avios site thoroughly so that you can be happy in the choices you make when it comes to using your accumulated Avios points. In the meantime, enjoy watching your points increase as you spend on daily commodities, such as your fuel or your weekly shop!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Best Corporate Event Planner In North America

Business meeting or great conference in large scale need careful planning, moreover if there are global clients who will attend. Of course as the owner of large company, you will not hold business meeting or great conference without careful planning and leave negative impressions to your clients.
Best Corporate Event Planner In North America

Therefore, if you want to impress all the clients and business colleagues who attend your conference with high value of business meeting, then you should look for an event planner conference for your great event. For those who have plan to hold great conference event in North America, it's strongly recommended to use 3rd party like professional corporate event planner in order to make your conference takes place smoothly and much more professional. Choose corporate that could make an event that more entertaining without omitting the essence of business meeting and satisfy the desires of all guests
As quoted from reliable sources, there is a corporate event planner that has become North American leader as event planner conference. This company has remarkable services and capabilities to treat and greet your delegates and consumers and help to increase your brand reputation. This company has handle many events or meeting from the leading corporate in North America, so there is no more any doubt regarding reputation and reliability of this company.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Things You Need To Prepare When You Want To Travel

Travel might be one of the best solutions for those of you who want to refresh your mind and escape your daily routines for a while. There are so many places that you could choose as your travel destinations from exotic beaches to beautiful cities all around the world. Before you start to travel, there are several important things that you need to prepare. You need to pack your clothes, medicines, papers, credit card, sunglasses, and even your toiletries. You also need to book hotel room and reserve your plane ticket. On e of the most important things that you should notice is your budget. The budget that you should establish will be determined by your travel destination, the types of activity that you will do during your visit, and how long you’re going to visit your travel destination.

Establishing your travel budget might be quite difficult, especially if you don’t have proper information about the place that you choose as your travel destination. That’s why it’s very important for you to find any information that you need about the place that you’re going to visit. You need to know how much cash you need for transportation or foods. You also need to know how much you have to spend for hotel room or other types of accommodation. If you want to save your travel budget, these days you could use online travel voucher that could be found easily on the internet. You could visit to find online travel vouchers that you need.

By using online travel voucher, you could save your travel budget in more effective way. Online travel voucher allows you to get several benefits including save your cash on currency exchange online, save your cash on special delivery service, and the opportunity to use cash passports as one of the best travel money solutions. If you use online travel voucher, you might be able to enjoy your trip without have to be worried about your budget
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quebec hunting

Adventure expedition is something that sounds interesting and challenging, so for those who have soul of adventurer should be looking for more and more challenging adventure trip. Well, i think hunting is one of the most challenging adventure for the real adventurer.

Have you ever heard about quebec? If not, let me explain, quebec is one of the most challenging destination place for hunting and adventuring. It is located at Canada. You can test your courage by adventuring at Quebec Leaf River for caribou hunting,  the hunter with Black Bear, fishing and other small game hunting opportunities.

Hunters may know that today, outfitters run as guides or professional hunters to company that  provide an all-inclusive hunting experience such as travel, accommodation, licensing, and preparation of games. Therefore hunters must find the first class quebec huntingoutfitter that focused on quality. And also don't forget about the service availability of quebechunting guides. Because Caribou are constantly on the move and your key to success is mobility so you can intercept the migration. This is where hiring a good outfitter is the most important step.

For effective and efficient transportation, you must try to ask the company that provide an all-inclusive hunting experience, whether they provide commercial airline transportation to Montreal and then a flight to  hunting camp by float plane. Regarding the best time for caribou hunting is from June through September which is the best season for hunting. Happy hunting!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Six Nations Championship

If you like your game of rugby then you will love the Six Nations Championship. It’s an annual international rugby event that pits six European sides against each other in a league format: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales; and is one of the most elite rugby tournaments in the world.
The name ‘Six Nations’ is a fairly recent phenomenon and until 1999 it was always known as the ‘Five Nations’, before Italy joined the fray. The busy club schedule, means that the six teams only play each other once, with home advantage alternating each season, giving rugby fans plenty of reasons to save up for a ‘working’ trip abroad.
The Six Nations Championship actually has more than one trophy. The most prestigious is the Championship Trophy and it is given to the team that finishes with the most points, and Wales are the favourites to take the title with sports books like Unibet giving odds of 2.85 to come out on top. Then you have the likes of the Triple Crown (an award that is given to only Wales, Ireland, Scotland or England if they beat the other three home nations) and the Calcutta Cup (contested between England and Scotland).
When the Six Nations Championships rolls around it’s always a great opportunity for a trip with all six nations having some wonderful sights to take in.
France has the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre; Italy has the Coliseum, England has Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, Ireland is all about the craic and plenty of the black stuff; and both Wales and Scotland possess some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.
A bet with the likes of Unibet, a pint and a good old-fashioned sing song at the rugby…what are you waiting for?

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Health Insurance for Travelers in Germany

Travelling to a foreign country surely gives you new experience to enjoy new culture, lifestyle, and view. However, it also puts you in higher risk of getting sick. You never know what disease that you can get when you’re travelling. So, why don’t you give yourself a complete protection against the worst scenario in your travel?

Being sick when you’re stranded in foreign land away from home is the worst thing that can happen to you. You don’t know where to go in order to get the best medical treatment, moreover you’re in some place with foreign language. Covomo understands the worst possibility that may appear during your travel. It provides you with the right product for such situation. Getting travel health for foreigners in Germany is the best way to ensure good medical treatment while you’re away from home.

You can rest assure knowing Covomo has complete insurance package for travelers. Whether you’re visiting Germany for study, business or just leisure, you can find the right insurance package with complete coverage service. Check on the coverage service and you will find all health services that you may need in Germany. You just need to go through the simple application and get the health service that you required during your visit in this country.
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Cheap Hotels London

The town of London has something to provide to every one. Actually , for tourists this is a delight to go to London. However as a costly city, the budget travelers think it is very costly in which to stay the costly hotels of London. To handle this problem, there are many cheap hotels obtainable in the complete city. These cheap hotels offer qualitative accommodation services at a smaller expense. even though these hotels can be found at different regions of the town, but included in this the cheap hotels in London Central will be the most preferred ones.

London is among the hottest worldwide cities on the planet. London tourism isn't limited by a particular portion of holiday seekers. Each year folks from diverse cultural backgrounds visit London that is a significant political, historical and financial center. Every day here's intriguing as the city is really as unpredictable as its weather. London can be a costly city to call home in but as a tourist you don`t have to spend a whooping amount merely to spend time in this city. The only real question is, so how exactly does one pick a proper one? We assist you to just take the proper decision.

You might have run into combination deals of airfare and hotels Well, once you book your airfare tickets on line you're usually suggested with cheap hotel choices by the web site based on your allowance. We usually do not advise that you use up the initial deal wanted to you while booking flights but we shall absolutely request you to explore the available choices. While some of the advertised deals may possibly not be as economical because they claim to be however they are worth looking into. You may find reviews of individuals and also require recently booked exactly the same deal or the accommodation that you find interesting.

If you're planning your trip by yourself you'll be able to consult public forums to obtain names of hotels offering accommodation at lowest tariff in most readily useful surroundings. Since London can be an active tourist sight all year around you would run into many travel blogs and articles that may direct one to the positioning of most readily useful priced hotels The foundation of information is vital. Do not fall for advertised accommodations. In the event that you run into an accommodation that you want, do cross-check about its services before booking. If they are that good they'll look for a mention somewhere on line. This shall avoid any possible discrepancies later.

London experiences busy tourist traffic. Each day thousands of people come and leave the town. To facilitate accommodation needs of this type of large crowd is difficult, the infrastructure in London is robust enough to aid it. By cheap, we usually do not mean having an accommodation that provides services of compromising quality. A hotel could be cheap, yet comfortable enough to supply. A cheap hotel in London might provide you with a convenient and welcome stay. What you ought to do is do some research for buying a hotel that's affordable yet have adequate options to supply you comfortable stay.
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